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Popular Publications 

Nonfiction (Ginger Roberts Meredith; Mary Virginia Brackett; Virginia Brackett)

Online - Author


Books - Author

  • In the Company of Patriots. Sunbury Press. 2019.

  • Restless Genius: The Story of Virginia Woolf. Greensboro, NC: Morgan Reynolds, 2004.

    • Recommended feminist book for youth by Amelia Bloomer Project, 2005 (Feminist Task Force of the Social Responsibilities Round Table, ALA)

    • PSLA YA Top Forty Nonfiction 2004 Titles

    • Included in “Writers of Imagination” series, Tristate Series of Note, 2005

  • A Home in the Heart: The Story of Sandra Cisneros. Greensboro: Morgan Reynolds, 2004.

    • PSLA YA Top Forty Nonfiction 2004 Titles Tristate Books of Note, 2005

  • Menachem Begin. Philadelphia: Chelsea House Publishers, 2003.

  • Steve Jobs: Computer Genius of Apple. Berkeley Heights, NJ: Enslow Publishers, 2003.

  • F. Scott Fitzgerald: Writer of the Jazz Age. Greensboro, NC: Morgan Reynolds, 2002.

  • John Brown, Abolitionist. Philadelphia: Chelsea House Publishers, 2002.

  • Jeff Bezos. Philadelphia: Chelsea House Publishers, 2001.

  • Elizabeth Cary:Woman of Conscience. Greensboro, NC: Morgan Reynolds, 1996. 

    • New York Public Library 1997 list of recommended reading for teens


Books - Contributor

  • "Effects on Higher Education." After the Pandemic. Sunbury Press, 2020.

  • Submission 15: Biography. Children’s Writer Guide to 2000. West Redding: Institute of Children’s Literature, 2000.

  • Submission 16: Reference Book. Children’s Writer Guide to 2000. West Redding: Institute of Children’s Literature, 2000.

  • “Proposing in Style.” Children’s Writer Guide to 1998.  West Redding: Institute of Children’s Literature, 1998.


Periodicals & Blogs

  • "Your Family's History is Valuable - Record It!" HerLife (2020).

  • "Go With the Flow." (2020)

  • "Joining a Writing Critique Group." (2019).

  • “Special Occasion Writing.” Once Upon a Time.  (Winter, 1995)

  • “Making the Old New Again.”  Children’s Writer. (November, 1995)

  • “The Place is the Thing.” Byline. (May, 1995)

  • “Resume Writing.” Children’s Writer.  (July, 1995)

  • “Attractive Antagonists.” Children’s Writer. (May, 1995)

  • “Communication in the Workplace.” Kansas City Small Business Journal.  (killed)

  • “Classroom Management Applied to Small Business.”  Kansas City Small Business Journal. (killed)

  • “How to Write a Mystery.”  Class Act.  (October, 1994)

  • “Praise God I’m Alive!” Dighton Herald.  (April 13, 1994)

  • “Single Parent Vacationing--How Not to Trip Out.” Today’s Family. (February 1994)

  • “Horse Crazies.” Down Memory Lane. (October/November, 1993 - killed - out of print)

  • “The Ways Our Father Cared.” Decision.  (June, 1993)

  • “Name Game.” Housewife Writer’s Forum. (March/April, 1993)

  • “Bringing the Sunshine In.” Down Memory Lane.  (April/May 1993)

  • “Classroom Management: Application to Human Resources.” Supervision. (Sept, 1992)

  • “Stop Fending for Yourself.” The Monthly Contemporary Digest. (reprint) (March, 1992)

  • “Stop Fending for Yourself.” Today’s Christian Woman.  (November/December, 1991)

  • “Salmon-Athletes of the Fish World.” Young Crusader.  (September, 1991)

  • “Sharing the Joy.” Housewife Writer’s Forum. (September/October, 1991)

  • “Those Winning Ways.” Living with Teenagers. (Winter 1992)

  • “Sobering Facts About Relocation --You May Lose Custody.” Today’s Family. (mag. sold-killed)

  • Returning to the Classroom.” Today’s Family. (July/August, 1991)

  • “MBO: Big Business Comes Home.”  Today’s Family. (September/October, 1991)

  • “Exercise with Your Children.” Today’s Family.  (May/June 1991)

  • “Writing for Juveniles.” Writer’s Journal.  (March, 1991)

  • “On Vacation with the Kids.” The Single Parent.  (March/April, 1991)

  • “Christian Writing for Juveniles.” Interlit. (March, 1991)

  • “Writing for Juveniles.”  Writer’s Guidelines. (March 1991)   

Popular Publications - Fiction

as Ginger Roberts Meredith; Mary Virginia Brackett; Virginia Brackett

Online - Author

  • "Mrs. Cross" - Johnson County Library "Women's Voices"


Books - Author 


Books - Contributor (Juvenile)

  • “One More Look.” Having Choices: Integrating Themes in Literature and Language.  A Pegasus Anthology. Iowa: Kendall-Hunt, 1992.


Books - Adaptation (Hi/Lo Readers)

  • Charles Dickens’s David Copperfield. Text conversion in a hi/lo project for fourth grade reading level adults. New York: The Edcon Publishing Group, 1998.



  • “Halloween Wink.” Romantic Hearts. (October, 1996)

  • “Vegetable Soup.” Junior Trails. (January, 1995)

  • “The Great Moon Pie Eating Contest.” The Distillery. (January, 1994)

  • “Felix Grows Up.” Turtle. (June 1991)

  • “The Perfect Gift.” Junior Trails. (December, 1992)

  • “Christmas Raccoon.” Wonder Time. (December, 1992)

  • “Valentine Friend.” The Friend. (Purchased and held)

  • “Courage.” The Friend. (Purchased and held)

  • “First Day at School.” The Friend. (Purchased and held)

  • “What are the Heavens For?” Junior Trails. (August 26, 1990)

  • “The Stolen Friendship.” Junior Trails. (April 8, 1990)

Virginia Brackett




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